100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle

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  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle
  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle
  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle
  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle
  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle
  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle
  • 100th Issue Staff Favorites Bundle

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In honor of our 100th Issue, you can order a collection of specially selected issues for a limited time plus a 100th Issue t-shirt and poster. Each issue included in this bundle was chosen by the staff of the Oxford American for you to enjoy. Out of 100 issues, these are our favorites!

Featuring Barry Hannah, John Grisham, Roy Blount Jr., John Updike, Jack Butler, Charles Bukowski,Wendell Berry, John T. Edge, Nikky Finney, Catherine Lacey, Jamie Quatro, Jill McCorkle, Chris Drangle, Christine Schutt, Jack Pendarvis, Barb Johnson, Alex Taylor, Diane Roberts, and many more.

The Staff Favorites Bundle includes:

Issue 1: Spring 1992 – Our First Issue

"The inaugural issue of the Oxford American will always be my favorite. It is studded with literary gems from Barry Hannah to Richard Ford to Larry Brown. What a spectrum of literary promise that first issue was. But the best promise of all was the intent declared by the founders:

“The Oxford American is a literary magazine, of general interest, established under the idea that it is time for a good general magazine to originate from the South. . . . We will not publish pieces about family reunions, or recipes, or beauty contests, or picturesque porches, or local anchormen, or picnicking, or interior decorating, or lovely gardens, or Southern soap opera stars. We abandon these concerns to our narcissistic and stagnant competition."" -Ray Wittenberg, Account Executive 

Issue 66: Fall 2009 – Southern Literature
"Issue 66 is a mammoth of an issue, probably more rich content per square inch than any issue I can recall. Plus we tried to settle once and for all the best Southern books of all time! Graham Gordy's treatise (with jokes!) on writing for the stage and screen is one of my favorite OA pieces. It contains fiction from Wendell Berry, an early Jamie Quatro, Cristina Henriquez, and Hal Crowther. It's a must-have issue for all human beings who possess a murmur of a soul and an orienting curiosity about what makes Southern writing Southern, or how "The South", as a place, influences the creation of literary work. It's all in there." -Matt Baker, Circulation Director

Issue 89: Summer 2015 – The Fiction Issue

Issue 90: Fall 2015
“I still find myself thinking about so many stories from Issue 90, Fall 2015. The centerpiece of the issue is Nikky Finney's epic radical libretto, "The Battle of and for the Black Face Boy," a mesmerizing, difficult, hugely important work that should be for generations to come. Then there's Jonathan Blitzer's Livingston Award–nominated profile of Claudia Delfin, a transgender woman who has spent her life shuttling back and forth across the often-dangerous border between El Paso and Juarez. Add to this memorable fiction by Jamie Quatro and Catherine Lacey, and Ansel Elkins's deep dive into Mississippi-Arkansas poet Frank Stanford's life and work, plus stories about a legendary bluegrass session, Peter Matthiessen's Everglades epic, a prehistoric Alabama fossil, and more. It's an issue that will stay with the reader for years, as it has for this one.” –Maxwell George, Deputy Editor

Issue 100: Spring 2018

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