Lubbock (on everything) by Terry Allen (LP)

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"Although it's all but unknown outside of a devoted cult following, Terry Allen's second album, 1979's Lubbock (on everything) is one of the finest country albums of all time, a progenitor of what would eventually be called alt-country. This is country music with a wink and a dry-as-West-Texas-dust sense of humor, but at heart, Lubbock (on everything) is a thoughtful meditation on Allen's hometown.

Recorded in Lubbock,TX after Allen hadn't lived there for close to a decade with a small group headed by local legends Don Caldwell and Lloyd Maines, the songs alternate between biting character studies like 'Lubbock Woman' and 'The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy),' about a high school football star who ends up robbing a liquor store, and more loving tributes like 'The Thirty Years War' and 'The Wolfman of Del Rio.' Salted through are a handful of songs about the pretensions of the art world (something Allen knows well in his day job as a sculptor and painter) that help keep the album's more cutting lines from sounding mean-spirited. A 20-song masterpiece, Lubbock (on everything) is essential listening for anyone with an interest in the outer fringes of country music."
- - Reviewed by Stewart Mason

This deluxe 2-disc set includes printed interior notes with lyric, artwork, and essays from David Byrne and Llyod Maines. 

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