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April is National Poetry Month! 

Since 1992, the Oxford American has featured some of the most exciting poetry written in and about the South. Our Poetry Month collection features Ashley M. Jones, Kwame Dawes, and Dean Young, as well as Rebecca Gayle Howell, who now serves as the OA’s poetry editor. 

This bundle includes:

Issue 84: Spring 2014 – Five poems by Rebecca Gayle Howell

The fire ant, his red dirt turret; my bare hands.
The fire ant, his sugar load. The moonlight in pieces
on little backs, slipping through the world’s split

—From “The Quick and the Dead”

Issue 93: Summer 2016 – Three poems by Kwame Dawes

Put three fifty-year-old black musicians
in a studio in 1924, and you know by the numbers
that they were born so close to the stench
of slavery that they still smell it whenever it rises

—From “Past Fifty”

Issue 101: Summer 2018 – Five poems by Dean Young

How convenient when the brain
starts to glow.  You can help
an injured peacock out of the road
without being pecked to death.

—From “Nitrous Oxide”

Issue 104: Spring 2019 – Four poems by Ashley M. Jones

Look, there, don’t you see the way they slope?—
my breasts, the shadows where milk might have dropped 
if only I’d been born woman instead of slave 

—From “Harriet Tubman, Beauty Queen or Ain’t I a Woman?”

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