Issue 76: The Visual South 2012

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“It bugs me when Southerners walk around smugly quoting that old Flannery O’Connor chestnut about how Southerners write about freaks ‘because we are still able to recognize one.’ Man, do Southerners love to quote that, and the Southerners who love to quote it most are the genteel, the urbane, the good parents, the college professors, forward thinkers and do-gooders of all stripes, artistes, contributors to the community; in other words, the exact freaks that Flannery O’Connor had in mind.” Jack Pendarvis, “The Bonfire of the Visuals”


Featuring the “new superstars of Southern art,” including Monica Zeringue, Shaun Richards, Lorie Corbus, Nikita Gale, Lina Tharsing, Karen Ann Myers, Joshua Dudley Greer, Justin Forbes, Kelli Vance, Zoë Charlton, and many more.


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