Issue 73: Best of the South 2011

Oxford American

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“You know you’ve been out of the South too long when you’re cruising in lazy-making sunshine down a road so flat the land seems to have stretched itself out for a nap…and still you can’t help but creep up on the slowpoke ahead until you’re close enough to read bumper stickers going all the way back to the first Bush.” — Josh Weil, “Ode to a Mississippi Patrolman”


Essays by Elizabeth Kaiser, Bronwen Dickey, John Oliver Hodges, Diane Roberts, Steve Almond, Wes Enzina, and others. Fiction by Cary Holladay, Stephanie Powell Watts and John Brandon.


Odes by Megan Mayhew Bergman, Kate Sweeney, Drew Bratcher, Michael Parker, and more.

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